Must Ang’K It® Business Management Practice


What We Do

We bring awareness to CEO’s that in creating strategies they can knowingly simulate the Creative Life-giving Force /Energy (CLFE) to materialize their outcomes.

The Must Ang’k It TM represents and by extension illustrates the quality workings of nature operating in the back office that give rise to causation.

Formulating a successful business strategy corresponds to causation. Utilizing this TM symbolizes that the CEO is knowingly harmonizing with the CLFE as the source of creation of a winning strategy.

Proprietary Business Strategy

We are so confident about this approach to strategy creation that we will share it with our clients and consider forming partnership with you.

This brand of business management practice is novel in approach for a manager who inevitably needs to demonstrate the importance of creating a strategy for the success of the business.
Apart from the associated partnership cost, the integration of this practice is virtually free. Generally, a manager would have to identify with the CLFE’s indissoluble laws and its coeternal principles such as: 1) It is the energy-matter basis of everything; 2) and it is creative power for all things. Also, knowing the principle: everything is energy is foundational to strategy creation as explained through the MAI TM system.
As such, managers who subscribe to this principle will realize that ultimately, the CLFE and electromagnetic energy (EME) are unlimited and infinite resources at their disposal.
As leaders, they will acknowledge that they have the enviable position of modelling their strategic decisions on the principles of the CLFE and through simulation, manage, manipulate and manifest EME as being the life blood of the business’s existence.

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Learn How Energy Can Help You Achieve Business Success

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