Business Proposal for Must Ang’k It® TM Integration

Executive Summary

Sustainability of any successful business and its brand is an invaluable need for its existence and goodwill.

Now, in a competitive environment, it is evident that there is a direct correlation between a viable strategy and a sustainable business operation. In this context, sustainability measured in terms of performance relates to trending positively in these areas: profitability, market share, good value for customer’s money and stable employer.  

To this end, our business management practice (BMP) trademarked as Must Ang’k It (MAI), particularly focuses on strategy creation at an interior or energy level to complement other accredited practices in the discipline of business management, as a new dimension to sustain and improve overall business value.

Ideally, in a competitive situation all businesses try to meet the future having an advantage. Thus, it is our view that the opportunity exists for CEOs to examine the science and art of strategy creation at the energy level, in search of gaining a noticeable edge to optimize business performance.

Indeed, for cohesion into new and existing businesses, the MAI TM system would seamlessly integrate into any business, but its enactment is contingent on CEOs being receptive to a new paradigm in which the focus of strategy creation is at the energy level.

Notwithstanding, the MAI TM’s concept, analysis, process and system have been outlined in our website to demonstrate to key stakeholders that further value can be derived, by considering a new dimension of strategy creation.


The issue is whether or not CEOs of leading businesses have experienced or experimented with the dynamics of strategy creation at an energy level as a means to positively influence and reinforce their business’s sustainability and revenue generation.

And even if they have shown interest to this approach, do CEOs know they can become the Causes instead of being just followers for the success of their business that in turn positively impacts their environment, by displaying a standard of Order, Authority and Power incomparable to others?


The likely solution involves aligning with a living organic process that is analogous to the creative workings in the back office of nature, as a method, by which the volition and strategic decision making of a CEO are materialized in the business world.

Taking a calculated risk, “Company A” ought to consider the MAI TM as an “outside the box” solution to add sustainable value to their portfolio, incur virtually a low integration cost and experience a non-disruptive integrative process. This collaboration can be established through partnering with the MAI BMP by way of acquiring the rights to use the MAI TM system. 

Target Market

The MAI TM is intended for CEOs of new and existing businesses who value their prowess in formulating a viable strategy but doing so by modeling the irreversible principles of the Creative Life-giving Force/Energy (CLFE) at the energy level to give rise to a sustainable business structure on the material level.

And even benefit from the said strategy by gaining the potential to affect things not yet manifested. Also, it is intended for a business that has the necessary experience and the competencies to develop a viable enterprise through branding.

Objectives of Partnership

  1. To add another layer to shore up “company A’s” sustainability efforts meanwhile adding a next revenue stream via MAI TM branding; a win-win situation.
  2. To support brand recognition and protection for the MAI TM as a proprietary system.
  3. To advertise the mark, knowing that key elements of its design, most likely will cause customers to generate an affinity for them from across different cultures and thus create a business opportunity through branding.
  4. To secure and generate revenues through branding from a Federal Registered Trademark under USPTO Class 35. 
  5. To possess a brand value that is timely and timeless in its application.
  6. To exhibit the MAI’s trademark brand as a living organic process based on the CLFE’s coeternal principles such as: 1) It is the energy-matter basis of everything and 2) It is the creative force for all things.
  7. To recognize through science the MAI’s mark as a natural phenomenon that exhibits a Self-moving image and comprises compositionally arranged elements purposed for patterning the natural acts of creation from the sub-atomic to material level.

Targets for Founder/Owner

a) A Federal Registered Trademark has been obtained under USPTO Class 35 – Advertising and Business Management and the owner will initiate the generation of business activity within the scope of our business proposal.  In due course, consideration for further growth entails aligning with Classes 16, 25, 41 & 42.

b) In the medium to long term consideration would be given to submitting application to USPTO for approval under Class 16– All forms of paper goods and Class 25– Apparels as coordinated to Class 35; and under Class 41– Education and Entertainment services and Class 42– Science and Technology services as coordinated to Class 16. However, the timing for the preceding is dependent on the degree of success achieved from established partnerships.

c) Maintain and update the MAI website as a vehicle to promote the MAI business practice and for blogging.

Partnership requirements

The requirements outlined below are expressions of the Founder’s intent and not to be treated as a formal contractual agreement. Any interest to engage in formal agreement must be communicated via

Nonetheless, the nominal basic rate for acquiring shares of MAI TM system on a partnership basis is US$0.00 per 0.14% of shares. At this initial stage, only 5 or 10% of shares will be available for purchase at this rate by the interested party. However, consideration will be given to offer majority of MAI TM shares in the future to 1 or 2 interested parties. Note too, that the terms and conditions outlined below are negotiable.

  • “Company A” will develop and operate the joint enterprise associated with the MAI brand.
  • “Company A” will keep 70% of revenue returns from sales of MAI branded items.
  • Founder/Owner of MAI brand to receive 30% of revenue returns from sales of MAI branded items.
  • Founder/Owner shall contribute to the partnership only the MAI TM system in concept.
  •  “Company A” can make an offer to obtain majority stake of MAI TM.
  • Founder/Owner to hold minority stake of MAI Trademark.
  • Consideration of the offer to obtain majority stake might be acceptable from “company A” in monies, and in “company A’s” shares. Shares will have to be preferred type and also indissoluble & insured.
  • Founder/Owner of MAI TM will receive royalties and profit sharing from “company A” for using the MAI TM.
  • Website is solely owned by Founder/Owner.
  • Notwithstanding, all terms and conditions will form part of a formal contractual agreement that is undertaken and approved by legal professionals between both parties.

Exit Strategy

“Company A’s” has to express in writing their interest in acquiring a stake of MAI TM by specified date at

On this specified date and there is no response from “company A”, this means that the Founder/Owner of the trademark will be no longer obligated to “company A” and has the right to seek interest from other parties.

The Parties

This business proposal for partnership will legally bind Devon Royden Gerald as the Founder/Owner of the Must Ang’k It trademark.

Intellectual Rights

Founder/Owner and “company A” must ensure that all Intellectual Property Rights or Trademarks will not be infringed.


Modifications, alterations or changes to the Must Ang’k It Trademark and its terms and conditions will be solely undertaken by the Founder/Owner or his representative.


All information herein is confidential. Both parties agree to the non-disclosure of the said information to any third party before, during or after a completed agreement.


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