Integrating the Must Ang’k It TM into Your Business

The TM corresponds to bringing awareness to the stakeholders by symbolizing the creation of a strategy that is based on the right motives, principles and laws.

  • By having knowledge that the quality of CEO’s strategy is the key unifying link between causal energy and its effect or the state of materialization.
  • The TM most likely offers no interference or conflict with existing trademarks.
  • The label Must Ang’k It is similar to “must create it” but not in a superficial sense because fundamentally it has form and substance inbuilt.
  • The label Must Ang’k It functions more or less like an adverb phrase. For example: Company A can Must Ang’k It for a new strategy to…. or Company A can Must Ang’k It about a new launch of….
  • As an initial step, application is made to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), for a Federal Registered Trademark under Class 35 which primarily covers Business Management related services.
  • In the short to medium term, incremental growth of this business initiative will entail applying for trademark rights under:
    o Class 16 which covers Paper goods and Printed matter and
    o Class 25 which covers Apparel.

Published by devonrgerald

Qualified project manager with more than 20 years experience in management and telecommunications engineering.

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