Background of MAI System

Background of the MAI TM system

Well, knowledge by instinct is the catalyst that prompted me to verify through a scientific approach the existing correlations among the following themes, which are fundamental to our system’s development and its aim of presenting a new dimension of strategy creation:

– The Must Ang’k It® Business Management Practice & its trademark
image (MAITM)
– The Creative Life-giving Force/Energy (CLFE).
– Business Management, as it relates specifically to strategy creation

For the verification process, the method used aims to establish by way of indissoluble principles or laws, a systemized body of knowledge that scientifically explains the correlations between the stated themes and the purpose of the MAI TM system.

Consequently, the law of cause and effect is recognized as a central principle to establish scientific truth through identifying the mutual relationships and interdependencies of the themes with each other and the whole.

Furthermore, in a systematic way, the law of causation shows the correlation between the standards of science and art that underpin our system at the micro (energy) and macro (physical) levels as it relates to strategy creation.

Structure-wise, as it relates to the micro (energy) and macro (physical) levels, our MAI TM system and its image are modelled on the irreversible principles and laws of the CLFE, as the sources and methods used to detail and benchmark our system’s approach to strategy creation.

As an irreversible law, the law of cause and effect is embodied by the CLFE, and notably, this law is best exemplified by way of its basic coeternal principles.

These principles are: 1) the energy-matter (ether) basis for all things and 2) the creative or causative power for everything. Implicitly, these principles exemplify the means of the CLFE, and the attributes of Order, Authority and Power are the outputs.

Moreover, the CLFE, corresponds to a sphere of equilibrium that constitutes and contributes to the initial Idea of Mind or Desire of Mind. This sphere of balance from which the Desire of Mind emerges, functions as the source of causal energy or creative power for all things. Therefore, it is conclusive that Desire of Mind is the universal energy to create all things.

Correspondingly, in formulating a strategy, a Mind-Seed Thought or desire of mind of a CEO that identifies with the irreversible principles, laws, and attributes, operates as a source of causation too. Most likely a CEO who acknowledges this, in turn, changes the prospects of the business, in terms of priorities, scope, and benefits.

The deduction here, is that, even though a strategy and desire of mind have their individuated existence, they operate as an indivisible unit for strategy creation. This indivisibility is based on the principle of the form-function relationship whereby strategy equates to form and desire of mind is likened to function.

Furthermore, in academia, business management is defined as a science and an art. Hence, strategy creation as a core discipline and function of management can be surveyed through the lens of science and art, since the definitions and features of science and art correspond to cause and effect respectively.

Additionally, strategy creation as a key discipline of business management is definitely a mainspring of the MAI TM system because the most likely purpose for a CEO to enact any strategy is to direct, control and unify the operating, financing and investing activities of the business.

Another cornerstone of MAI TM system is the application of synthesis-thinking whereby, parallel themes and facts are united through irreversible principles or laws, to give insight into or explain our system in relation to creating strategies. Here, synthesis-thinking is a useful skill to transfer knowledge gained from one area to another.

Lastly, the law of cause and effect as a key premise of our case, is not the only irreversible principle used to explain or justify our system’s approach. Other interrelated and indissoluble principles & laws of the CLFE have been included such as:

– Coeternal principles
– Everything is energy
– Principle (law) of duality
– Law of correspondence
– Law of vibration


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