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Qualified project manager with more than 20 years experience in management and telecommunications engineering.

Everything is energy.

I am Devon Gerald and have been a manager for 14 years with telecommunications provider, Cable & Wireless.
I have gained knowledge and experience in business management and engineering practices.
Notwithstanding, I value highly the importance of being a researcher because it allows me stay relevant in the global space.
I hold an Executive Diploma in Business Management from The University of West Indies.
I possess certificate from Motorola in wireless broadband field engineering; certificate in Pair-gain Technologies, and certificate for planning and engineering for Line Plant Access Networks from Cable & Wireless Regional Training Center. Also, as project manager, I have experienced the deployment of the first Multi-Service Access Network and Fixed Wireless Broadband Network for business and residential customers on Island.

Moreover, I am the founder of the Must Ang’k It Trademark (MAI TM). The originality of this idea is quite surreal.

I am a car enthusiast and like to listen to car pundits. One day, I watched a video that showed Matt Farah reviewing a Ford Mustang GTR 350.

I was very impressed with his review as it relates to the car’s performance, handling capabilities, and appearance.

Immediately, I said to myself, I would like to “mustang” someone on a racetrack with this car. Yes, I used “mustang” to denote action.

Yes, I was really moved by this mustang, because I have a bias for Japanese built cars since 99% of the cars on island are designed by Japan’s automakers.

Further, I have a habit of examining words to find other words that are within.

So, for the word mustang I re-syllabized it and got “must ang”. I knew that ang is a word of power. And as nature would have it “ang” carries lifeforce energy, and this is not surprising because letters of the alphabet are known as containers or carriers of energy.

Notwithstanding, I kept repeating to myself, I “must ang” something. Then, the phrase “must ang’k it” just stuck with me, knowing that the sound “ang” and the ang’k as a symbol are inseparable. Hence, that’s how I got the inspiration to use the “must ang’k it” label as a trademark.

Thereafter, how I got to apply the “must ang’k it” phrase within the discipline of business management came through intuition.

In closing, the official launch date for the MAI TM Business Management Practice was August 20th, 2022. This day was special because it is the birthday of my grandmother, Ms Mary Elizabeth Daley.


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