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One critical aspect of business management practices entails evaluating the performance of a business to know the degree of success a Manager or CEO will have in aligning or balancing his organization’s strategy with the expected deliverables.

To this end, in trying to find balance for its operation a new or modified strategy is normally crafted to cause the highest level of optimization for the business. 

The optimization gained will ultimately bolster the overall visibility of the business by attracting the desired focus of customers to its brand identity, usually in the form of a trademark. 

In light of this, trademarks as symbols are:

  • Useful assets that give instant recognition to any business for its delivery of quality services, products or performances. 
  • Guaranteeing businesses protection by way of legal rights to distinctively brand their services or products for their exclusive use.

Nonetheless, the importance of the existing correlation between management practices and trademarks can be further capitalized on to make use of two other opportunities. 

Essentially, such opportunities evolve from both disciplines having common characteristics. Namely, management is art and science, and likewise, trademark is art and science.

Emphasis is therefore given to the latter characteristics to further outline the added advantage to management for recognizing the validity of trademarks in the creation of a strategy. 

In view of the above, the Must Ang’k It trademark is designed to incorporate the following functions.

  1. It establishes brand recognition for both business and customers.
  2. It offers protection to the brand of the business.
  3. It validates the art of management on an interior or energy level.
  4. It validates the science of management on an interior or energy level.

Note, that the higher learning institutions offering business management courses (Degrees & MBAs) are the authorities to defined management as an art and a science. 

Hence, the established definitions are outlined below to give clarity and relevance on the relationships between management practices and trademarks.

Definition of Art:  refers to practical application of existing knowledge skillfully.

Features of Art:

  1. Existence of theoretical knowledge
  2. Personalize application
  3. Based on practice and creativity

Definition of Science: a systemized body of knowledge that explain certain truths.

Features of Science:

  1. Systemized body of knowledge
  2. Principles based on experimentation
  3. Universal validity 

Accordingly, what is being deduced here is that the scope of a CEO’s strategy must encompass the means to direct, control and unify the operational practices of the business based on proficient application of authentic knowledge. 

Also, these practices must demonstrate proof when compared with universally acceptable and verifiable standards.

Moreover, balancing a strategy in terms of synchronizing expectations with actuality is a necessity and indeed a craft and it follows that a CEO who utilizes this TM to complement his management function and meanwhile fulfills the criteria of art and science has shown craftsmanship. 

Finally, this Must Ang’k It TM symbolizes the cause and effect principle that underpins all business management practices. 

See the section labelled Brief Outline of TM’s Functionality as a precursor to the section heading: Nature & Application of Must Ang’k It TM.

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