Our TM’s Functionality

The design and functionality of the MAI TM’s system is also based on an image or symbol of creation/causation that incorporates the all-inclusive and indissoluble principles and laws outlined below:  Everything is energy  Law of correspondence Principle of causation Law of vibration Principle of duality. Further, our system’s TM logo, encompasses science andContinue reading “Our TM’s Functionality”

Integrating the Must Ang’k It TM into Your Business

The TM corresponds to bringing awareness to the stakeholders by symbolizing the creation of a strategy that is based on the right motives, principles and laws. By having knowledge that the quality of CEO’s strategy is the key unifying link between causal energy and its effect or the state of materialization. The TM most likelyContinue reading “Integrating the Must Ang’k It TM into Your Business”