Background of MAI System

Background of the MAI TM system Well, knowledge by instinct is the catalyst that prompted me to verify through a scientific approach the existing correlations among the following themes, which are fundamental to our system’s development and its aim of presenting a new dimension of strategy creation: – The Must Ang’k It® Business Management PracticeContinue reading “Background of MAI System”

MAI as a Management Fit

MAI TM system as a management fit In reality, creating a strategy is a critical function of any management practice. In essence, a CEO’s idea or desire of mind as the source of causation/creation is science-based at the energy level, and therefore gives credence to using a scientific approach to formulate a strategy. For instance,Continue reading “MAI as a Management Fit”

Our TM’s Functionality

Foremostly, our trademark is strategic and symbolic. As such, the MAI TM’s system is also based on an image of creation or causation that incorporates the all-inclusive and indissoluble principles and laws outlined below:  Everything is energy  Law of correspondence Principle of causation Law of vibration Principle of duality. Further, our system’s TMContinue reading “Our TM’s Functionality”

Business Proposal for Must Ang’k It® TM Integration

Executive Summary Sustainability of any successful business and its brand is an invaluable need for its existence and goodwill. Now, in a competitive environment, it is evident that there is a direct correlation between a viable strategy and a sustainable business operation. In this context, sustainability measured in terms of performance relates to trending positivelyContinue reading “Business Proposal for Must Ang’k It® TM Integration”