Basic definitions for the following terms are:

Electromagnetic Spectrum is the range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends.

Electromagnetic Energy is the type of energy that comes from electromagnetic
waves. These radiations travel at the speed of light. The Sun, the earth and the
ionosphere are the sources of electromagnetic energy in nature.

Electromagnetic wave is the only wave that can travel through empty space (ether).

Electromagnetism is the interactions of electric and magnetic wave fields.

Magnetism is a force that affects the interactions of materials or charged particles
(atoms), by developing attractive or repulsive forces between them.

Electromagnetic Force is the force arising from the attractions and repulsions
associated with electrical wave fields and magnetic wave fields.

Electromagnetic Pulse is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. The origin of
such a pulse may be a natural occurrence or manmade and can occur as radiated
electric or magnetic wave fields.

Electromagnetic Radiation is a collection of electromagnetic waves travelling in a
vacuum or in matter.

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