Our TM’s Functionality

The design and functionality of this TM is primarily based on the application of nature’s principles, laws, and symbols to include:
 Everything is energy
 Law of correspondence
 Law of causation
 Law of vibration
 Symbols representing all-inclusive and indissoluble principles.

Now, science has proven that the creative life-giving force/energy (CLFE) as well as
Electromagnetic Force coexists with the ether as the source for creation or causation
on the immaterial and material planes. This includes but is not limited to:

Magnetism, Electromagnetic energy (EME), Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP),
Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) which is light, Electromagnetic waves, atoms,
molecules, sounds, thoughts, ideas, symbols and all other tangible things.

Importantly, the CLFE is the unifying force to control and direct all creation; without
it there can be no movement, no idea and no creation. As well, the CLFE exists in inanimate objects but is scientifically referred to as Electromagnetic Force (EMF).

Further, all symbols are ideas and by extension ideas are words that express
knowledge. The fact is that symbols and words alike do comprise of magnetic
influence. Also, it is commonly known that where thought (idea) is energy is too and
vice versa.

Therefore, a CEO who models the creation of his strategy on this TM, as the ideal
point of reference, indicates that his act will be compatible and infused with the
quality workings of the natural forces that operate in the back office of creation.

A specific section of this TM illustrates that thought is the creative-power for
everything universally. Rightly so, the TM’s design reflects the mutual transference of
force/energy between the ethereal and physical planes.

Also, this TM typifies that thought in the form of a strategy has to materialize to
produce an effect and for this to happen, EMF is a necessary element to materialize
all physical things.

Thus, the TM design corresponds to the interchangeable movement of energy from
the plane of EMP to the electrical and magnetic spheres.

In the end, it is noteworthy that whenever a business strategy is created, the quality of deliverables that ought to flow from it is primarily dependent on the degree of insight,
intelligence and circumspection that would have been involved in formulating such

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Qualified project manager with more than 24 years experience in management and telecommunications engineering.

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