Our TM’s Functionality

The design and functionality of the MAI TM’s system is also based on an image or symbol of creation/causation that incorporates the all-inclusive and indissoluble principles and laws outlined below:

 Everything is energy
 Law of correspondence
 Principle of causation
 Law of vibration
 Principle of duality.

Further, our system’s TM logo, encompasses science and art in its design. It depicts the key symbols reflecting the CLFE as the source force or causal energy for creation/ causation on the immaterial and material planes.

In the design, the primary symbols are the Visica Piscis and Angk shown merged as a unifying force. And respectively, they represent the source of creation and the active life-giving force in creation. Additionally, the logo highlights the principle of the self-unifying CLFE as the source force.

Through this principle, the CLFE as the energy-matter basis and the creative power for all things controls, directs, and unifies all creation and without it there can be no idea, no movement, and no creation.

It is therefore evident that a CEO’s desire of mind typifies the nature of the CLFE, which equates to the Infinite-Living Mind.

Further, all symbols within the TM image including letters, words, and images that are deemed inanimate on the physical level reflect ideas, and by extension ideas through words and image express knowledge. But it must be acknowledged too that an idea typifies source force or causal energy.

As a fact, these symbols alike do comprise of magnetic influence and one of the properties of causal energy is magnetism. Additionally, it is factual that thought, or an idea is the creative-power for everything universally; and where thought is, energy is too and vice versa.

Fundamentally, our system adopts as truth, the principle that “everything is energy”.

Rightly so, the design of the TM’s image symbolizes the mutual transference of force/energy between the ether (space) with its ubiquitous influence of magnetism and the physical plane which is electrical.

This transfer of energy is in accordance with the law of vibration which states, that nothing rest, everything moves, and everything vibrates.

However, as it relates to the aspect of the law that states, everything moves; our TM exemplifies the order of movement from the initial interaction of the primary symbols, which is at the ethereal level, to be an alternation between rest (equilibrium) and motion.

Note, that rest (equilibrium) is the domain of the CLFE as the source force or causation. Thereafter, energy fluctuates between the neutral state (sub-atomic) and atomic level by way of pulsation and vibration.

Therefore, a CEO who models the creation of his strategy on the CLFE and by extension the symbology of the MAI TM, as the ideal point of reference, indicates that through the law of correspondence his act will be compatible with the quality workings of the natural forces that operate in the back office of creation.

To support the preceding, the MAI TM recognizes the truth of the law of correspondence that states there is harmony, agreement and correspondence between different levels of all manifestations.

To this end, a quality business strategy is therefore dependent on the degree of insight, intelligence and circumspection that the CEO would have cultivated in identifying with standards of truth derived from indissoluble principles, laws and image that are ever contained within the idea of his plan.

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Qualified project manager with more than 20 years experience in management and telecommunications engineering.

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